H-1B Approved for 501(C)(3) Cap Exempt Organization


Our client was a health clinic that was affiliated with educational institutions. We were hired to file a cap exempt H-1B for one of the dentists that they desired to hire for the health clinic. Attorney Furqan submitted evidence that the beneficiary would be employed at a qualifying cap exempt institution, organization, or entity pursuant to 8 CFR §214.2(h)(8)(ii)(F)(4). He provided evidence that the health clinic contributed to the research and educational mission of several of the institutions of higher education that they were contracted and affiliated with, and with whom they have an active working relationship. They did this by providing locations for the university students to complete their clinical rotations that were required for their education, and this furthered both the client’s mission, and the mission of the institutions. Thus, there was a logical nexus between one of the fundamental activities of the health clinic, which included providing practical health education, and the academic mission of the institutions of higher education, which is to adequately prepare students for a productive life and a successful career.

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