Thank you for your interest in scheduling a consultation with one of our attorneys. Note that speaking to an attorney is by appointment only, which is achieved through a scheduled consultation. In order to schedule a consultation, please select a date, time and fill in the form. Once you schedule the consultation, you will receive an E-mail with instructions for the consultation.

We have 8 consultation slots per day, Mon-Thur. We are often times booked at least 1 week out. If you need a consultation more quickly than the availability on the calendar, you can call the office at (214) 420-1200, and ask to be placed on the “Wait List” in the event an earlier slot becomes available. If one does become available, the receptionist will call or text you in order to offer you the earlier slot.

The consultation fee is payment to secure the allotted amount of attorney time (30 min). The time is set aside for you. Scheduling a $50 consultation renders that time unavailable to others who also may be seeking a consultation.

The consultation is not an agreement to accept your legal case. The fee cannot be counted towards attorney fees, should the attorney agree to accept your legal case. Again, the consultation is in no way a contract or agreement for representation in any matter.

If you have one question, you can use the submission form in the “Contact Us” page, and that goes straight to our Management Team. If the attorney believes that it is a relatively straightforward question that does not require an in-depth answer, the attorney will advise the receptionist of the answer, and the receptionist will call or text you with the answer to your question.