I-601 Waiver Approved for Mexican National After Voluntary Departure


Our client, a citizen of Mexico, is married to a US citizen. He was arrested for “Possession of Cocaine” and had hired an attorney to file his application for permanent residency, though he was not eligible to do so. That application landed him in deportation proceedings. Attorney Furqan Azhar was able to coordinate the help of a criminal attorney to reopen client’s criminal case (under “Padilla”) and have the case reduced to an offense that was not related to a controlled substance. That allowed our client to visa process through the US Embassy in Juarez, Mexico. Attorney Noaman Azhar prepared his I-601 waiver, in which he argued that without client’s presence in the U.S., his wife and children would suffer “extreme hardship.” Attorney Noaman argued that client’s wife’s medical conditions of depression and anxiety, including his relationship with his child and step-children, all contributed to the hardship. USCIS approved the I-601 allowing client to seek a green card visa.

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