NIW Approved for Scientist Working on Covid-19 Research


Our client, a citizen of Argentina, worked in the field of perinatal health and COVID-19 research. His research is essential for understanding the possibility to prevent lifelong diseases by treating infections that affect the baby in the womb during gestation. Through our client’s research, he was able to identify risk factors that place babies at a higher risk of being re-admitted to the hospital for severe respiratory infection and dying. Our client was also able to modulate immune response to SARS-CoV-2, such as plasma therapy and biologic events like gestation. It allowed for an understanding of how early interventions during the disease process of vulnerable patients can save lives. Before his work, much of the effort towards therapies against COVID-19 were focused on the final stages of the disease, when patients were extremely sick and dying. His findings showed that, if the immune system is supported with high titer plasma from recovered patients, older adults had improved survival. USCIS approved the NIW petition without an RFE.

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