Permanent Residency Approved for Foreign Medical Graduate Working in an Underserved Area


Our client was a Jordanian national and a foreign medical graduate. He had entered on a J-1 visa in order to complete his medical residency. He then completed 3.5 years of work in an underserved area before moving to another state. After having moved, he continued to serve patients, but his office was not located in a medically underserved area. His attorney advised him that, as a result, his I-485 would likely be denied. Client then hired Azhar & Azhar Law Firm to represent him on the I-485J. Attorney Furqan argued to USCIS that although his client had not worked in a medically underserved area, the majority of his patients were originally from medically underserved areas. USCIS agreed and approved the I-485J and I-485 applications.

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